Monday, September 15, 2014

New Goals and Challenges

Last night on Facebook, I was challenged to write three things I'm thankful for each day for five days, and nominate three people each day to do the same.

I did it...then deleted it, because I was NOT having a good day and quite frankly, I get so frustrated with Facebook. It's my struggle and not everyone has it, but you all know how I get with social networking. It's a love/hate relationship, and maybe one day I can get my life in balance in that area.

However, today I DID post what I was thankful for (again) and did nominate three people, making sure I stated "No pressure...". That is one thing I hate: being nominated for something on Facebook and feeling the need to do it. Just because you are nominated doesn't mean you HAVE to do it! (Does it??)

As I was contemplating my Facebook struggles, I started thinking about the sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving. And sometimes, it IS a sacrifice. I want to complain, be angry, vent to the world what's wrong with it....and I need a shift in my thinking. So I found a composition book and am restarting my Thankfulness Journal. My goal is to fill up the entire 70 pages, front and back, with things I'm thankful for...listing between 3-5 things each day. I am going to try and not repeat things, but some things may repeat. My goal is not to be legalistic in this practice but to remind myself that I have a lot to be thankful for. Often I have started this practice to fall out of it after a month or so, so going beyond that will be a challenge.

Whether or not I post these things on Facebook, I know having them in a private journal is good for my soul. I'm going to number them each day, to see just how many thankful things I have written about once the journal is full. And maybe then I will start another one!

I had a thought: One day, when I'm old and gray, or when I'm dead and gone, my kids and their kids may find these journals I keep. And altho it's ok and well and good for them to see my prayer journals, where I've laid and relaid my burdens at God's feet...and for them to see my venting journals, where I've struggled in my emotions and vented at God's feet....I'd love for them to see my thankfulness journals, where there names will be recorded as something I hold dear in my life. Yes, I definitely want to leave that legacy for them.

The other project I have decided to take one is one that is out of my comfort zone. I've decided to tackle my master bedroom and to make it an oasis for Adam and I. A place where we can unwind at the end of the day...where we don't mind retreating to early in the evening. To make it uncluttered and organized, I can totally do....the design and decor of it tho, the style and flow I want the room to have...well, that is more overwhelming. Still, I am excited to try something new. The other night, Adam and I picked up some noise cancelling/room darkening curtains in this pretty blue shade, and I've decided I want to veer away from my beachy theme. I want something warm, cozy, we'll see. Right now I just know I want it to be amazing, but I have no vision for how that will look.

On a side note, the curtains do work well!! I'll give you info if you are interested in what exactly we got! We live on a busy street, and altho we still hear noise, it is not NEARLY as bad!!

I realize that the project itself can take a LONG time. Years maybe! I want to replace Adam's dresser, and that will cost money that right now is going to bills and a second car. I would love a closet that actually held clothes, and that may or may not come as a wardrobe or a remodel. I want to take my time and find pieces that I absolutely LOVE, not just yard sale finds that are 'ok' but are in my price range. And I realize that my room is not the largest of master bedrooms, so I have to work with the constraints of that. I want to make it flow well, and not bump into a dresser or a bed because it's so full of stuff.  I want all of the art on the walls to be things that make us smile, things that warm our hearts to see. Something like that takes time and patience! 

So....what new goals and challenges are you up for this fall? Are you up for the Thankfulness Challenge with me? Leave me a comment if so...we can encourage and hold each other accountable!

And....if you are truly gifted with the gift of home decor....I'll put the coffee pot on and you can come over and help me find my vision! :)