Sunday, October 26, 2014


13 things a day.
7 days a week.
91 total.

It's a challenge my neighbor/friend and I are doing together. Starting Tuesday, we are going to get rid of 13 things a day for a week. That totals 91 things total.

Anything. Broken toys. Old jewelry. A shower curtain? (maybe). Clothing. We are holding ourselves accountable and encouraging each other thru. After a week, we are filling up her pickup truck and going to a donation station to drop off the goods. Well, after we have my other friend go thru the home goods for her daughter, that is.

Why? Well, we simply have so much stuff. And, in keeping with my motto ("If I don't love it or need it, then get rid of it,") I think it's good to take stock of what you have, what you need, and what is taking up space. Especially with Christmas coming, and much more coming into your house during that season! (even in that, I downsized...but that is for another blog post...)

Care to join? Comment below!! I'll be posting blogs on how I'm doing throughout the week!