Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Well, the Bunny is Out of the Bag......

Tonight was so much fun, with preteeny movies (High School Musical....my daughter thinks I'm the most fun mom ever, lol), popcorn, random dancing (the kids, NOT me), then THIS conversation happens:

Danielle, 8 year old: "I wonder what the Easter Bunny will bring me."
Liam, 5 year old: "Danielle, the Easter Bunny isn't real. It's just Mommy and Daddy. Santa isn't real either, it's just Mommy and Daddy." then, looks at me intently and says, "What? I HAD to tell her the secret Mommy! She has to know!"

Danielle, over dramatic as always, but seemed to take the news ok. She (I think) had figured as much. After a deep sigh, I explained to her logic, "Do you think a giant bunny would hop into everyone's houses on only one night a year to give you chocolate?" "Do you think a man could fly in a sleigh one night and give you and everyone in the world presents?" 

She seemed ok, knowing that she would still get an Easter basket, and Christmas presents.

I did however, remind Liam that he needs to keep this secret, A SECRET, for his friends who still believe!!!


Why did this have to happen on a night where my husband is working, and where Troy is sleeping over at a friend's house? Where are my reinforcements???? ;)

We haven't even touched the Tooth Fairy. Maybe she'll figure that one out on her own. LOL.