Tuesday, July 22, 2014


So....I love lists.

And I love Dry Erase Boards.

And I love cute scrapbook paper.

So I made this:

I found it on Pinterest, so I can't take total credit. I just used a collage photo frame, scrapbook paper, and scrapbook stickers to mark each day. Saturday and Sunday share a day, and dry erase markers wipe easily off the glass. And it's yard sale season, so you are sure to find a collage photo frame for super cheap. And if not....your local dollar store will have them for a few dollars!

A tip I'd share from my scrapbooking: Choose paper that isn't busy in the background. If you can notice, these papers have a simple pattern, the same color as the paper itself. If you use a paper that looks too busy, it will be hard to read when you write on it.

Anyways, I feel somewhat productive for making this today. :)