Wednesday, August 13, 2014

End of Summer Wrap Up

I awoke to this in my living room:

The kids begged to sleep in the blanket fort last night. It's been up for two days now. 

Summer is almost to an end, and scenes like this warm my heart but make me a little sad. I love the laid back nature of summer. Our routine is very relaxed, we can be a little more spontaneous, the sun is warm, and we have a whole new addition to our house (the outside!!) 

Liam more confident in learning to ride his bike. This makes his bike nerd dad happy . :) 

As much as I don't want it to end, we are ready. Curriculum is bought, organized, and ready to use. Kids and I had a fulfilling summer but we are ready for some structure. 

Sometimes our best memories are the simple things. I forget that we don't have to do grand things to have a grand summer. Our best trips are Valley Falls hiking days. Last week we window shopped at the Harley Store, splurged on a pizza dinner, and played Just Dance. So much fun. 

The white blob in the back is my older son photo bombing...or attempting to anyways!! 

 Hot Tubbin' at Camp Dawson
 We went downtown to listen to music and grab coffee. The music was too loud for Liam, and it was pretty crowded, but we were able to enjoy the music from over here. 
Crazy kids at Valley Falls

Adam and I also enjoyed a mini four day vaca where my parents took the kids....and we took Liam to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (the older two were at their dad's). Our summer was full, but not too full, and fun. 

So, I reluctantly bid Summer starts for the older two next week, and for Liam the week following. Altho I will miss the warm summer days....I do look forward to the brisk fall afternoons and the crunchy colorful leaves.